Virtual Integration, Real Value


The availability of global instant communication and subsequent reputational risks are driving sustainability as an imperative and a differentiation strategy to compete upon. Brands increasingly need to integrate sustainability criteria into their business strategies from the starting point, so that economic benefits will accrue through the integrated development of sustainable value chains. OrganiMark specialises in creating sustainable business through fair trade and developing new and integrated value chains to meet the increasing demands of sophisticated, conscious consumers.

Value Chain Integration and Technology Solutions

Virtual Value Chain Integration and Change Management.

Trade and Value Chain Finance

Strategic Sourcing and Trade Finance Solutions.

Sustainable Development

Strategic Partnerships to Achieve Corporate Sustainable Development Goals.

A Changing Landscape

Neither recessions nor unstable economies seem to have put a damper on the fast-growing sustainable manufacturing industries, whether looking at the past few years or into the future. The focus on producing in a more sustainable manner continues to increase, mostly because of the ingenuity and commitment on the part of caring innovators around the world.

Brands are challenged by the fact that the lowest-cost global sourcing shows diminishing and marginal returns, with an increase in the sustainability risks. Consumers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and conscious about social and environmental impact, shifting the expectations and perceived value of brands. This puts more pressure on retailers to take responsibility for ethical products with proven integrity.

Understanding the need for local beneficiation and the challenges of retailers and brands, OrganiMark offers a new and innovative business model.

The OrganiMark Solution

Through our Integrated Value Chain approach, we assist brands to define their bottom line on more than profit only, by including social and environmental matters. We work with retailers and their suppliers on ground level to ensure sustainable sourcing and product development in an integrated way throughout the value chain, from the producer to the store.

Not only does OrganiMark render a consulting and change management services, we also facilitate the actual trade process to aggregate the raw material, designate it to the specific value chains and manage it throughout those value chains.

Sustainability is listed globally as a value driver for most companies. Through our expertise and knowledge on virtually integrated value chain clustering we provide bespoke solutions to improve your competitiveness whilst contributing towards the Global Sustainability Development Goals.  You have the opportunity, we have the solution.

Our Services


OrganiMark has developed an innovative retail business model that effectively combines Sustainable Sourcing with Quick Response while safeguarding transparency and integrity. We offer a solution that enables brands to virtually integrate their value chains through the Integrated Value Chain Programme (IVCP) model, which is strengthened by a bespoke technology solution that caters for item-level traceability, sustainability compliance and value chain management – from fibre production to point of sale. Retailers now have the capability to secure sustainable raw materials, optimise their value chain and report to shareholders and consumers about the true sustainability impact of their products.

These IVCPs are built on virtual partnerships amongst value chain stakeholders who are committed to improve the capacity and competitiveness of our industry in a sustainable manner. It supports ‘near sourcing’ and ‘quick response’ and provides for value chain transparency, price stability and stakeholder trust. The success of this demand-driven initiative lies in the fact that more than being a virtually integrated programme, it is a programme where retailers jointly give direction and insights toward growth opportunities for sustainable South African products.

Our engagement process will take you through a proven IVCP development model, consisting of 5 milestone phases with clear deliverables and decision gates:

  • Concept Development: Exploratory consultation and need analysis to define the solution – sign-off on the definition of victory.
  • Solution Mapping: Map bespoke solution scope, methodology and resource requirements – sign-off on proposed solution project.
  • Implementation and Management: Implement and manage milestones and KPIs.
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Measure performance and report on impact.
  • Gear to Scale.

Collateral Management

Building on the foundation of the Integrated Value Chain Programme and bespoke technology solutions, we are able to expand on our offering with the development of innovative Value Chain Finance and Risk Management solutions. It is now possible to finance the IVCPs without leaning on the balance sheets of value chain stakeholders, and to consolidate insurance into bespoke cell captives. Insurance and financing models that take the whole value chain into account are more cost effective. Balancing fair margin and stable pricing with optimised warehousing and long-term commitments, transforms the participants of a value chain into pillars of sustainability.

Sourcing & Trading Platform

Unencumbered by traditional sourcing agent business models, our Integrated Value Chain Programme is designed to navigate the complexity of modern and sustainable sourcing. We enable brands and retailers across the globe to source and trade in sustainable and certified organic raw materials from Southern Africa.

All raw materials are ethically sourced and verified by OrganiMark as adhering to all the requirements, standards and compliances required by the retailer, and we also offer additional management of stock, such as consolidation of stock in our warehouses for selection, and part-processing it locally before on-selling it to a designated or specified processor.

Brands often do not have the technical knowledge of how the quality of the raw material will eventually impact on the quality of the finished product. We deliver a significant value-add through our trade platform by providing technical knowledge, experience, strategic connections and a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process.


OrganiMark has the proven ability to assist brands, big corporates and the mining industry to comply with legal requirements in unlocking social and economic development, with sustainable results that leave a legacy.

We are a social and economic development enabler, focusing on the development of demand-driven programmes, thus ensuring a committed off-take of the product before it is even produced. Through our unique Value Chain Integration Programme, we are able to provide a ready and valuable service in the development of Corporate Social Investment projects that include bridge finance management and the development of small-holder farmers and entrepreneurs required to fill the identified gaps in the value chains.

By way of reinvesting savings accrued through the Integrated Value Chain Programme, retailers and brands can achieve their social responsibility goals while improving the production systems and development support of small-holder farmers and producers, thereby promoting sustainable livelihoods for all.

We also provide big corporates and mines with bespoke solutions for developing sustainable projects in their labour sending areas.