Heuningpot Beekeeping Co-operative

The small, rural town of Dibeng, close to Kathu in the Northern Cape is where the Heuningpot Beekeeping Cooperative came into being in 2009. OrganiMark partnered with the National Development Agency and Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore to equip twelve diligent individuals from the impoverished Dibeng community with the necessary skills to produce raw organic honey.

In this relatively desolate part of the Kalahari, the twelve people selected were given a year’s training by Agri Seta and Skills for Africa. They each received a Certificate in Animal Production on completion, allowing them to become self-employed beekeepers with the prospect of earning a monthly income to support their families. The initiative has not only given these entrepreneurs valuable skills and a greater sense of purpose, it has also encouraged them to strive for independence as business owners. Heuningpot is now recognised as a full member of the South African Bee Industry Organisation, which adds to the sense of pride that these beekeepers have in their sweet, wholesome honey.

Unlike Heuningpot, many employment initiatives do not see workers benefit fully from their skilled labour. This is where OrganiMark makes the difference by ensuring economic responsibility in the form of sustainable value chains between producers and retailers.

The organic status of Heuningpot honey means that it adheres to a production system that sustains the health of local soils, ecosystems and people. Heuningpot Raw Organic Honey is a certified organic product. The bees collect nectar from indigenous plants and their harvest area is free from artificial impurities. The honey is extracted cold to preserve its natural goodness and no bees are killed during harvesting – all of which helps ensure that the farmers receive a premium price for their honey. The project has the capacity to bottle six-million jars or 3,000kg of honey.

It’s not uncommon to find many brands making these claims without providing a way for consumers to verify their quality declarations. The labelling on Heuningpot honey showcases various marks of certification by third party organisations, including OrganiMark.

This Cooperative is now a sustainable business with a consistent demand for their product.  OrganiMark in 2018 introduced this proudly South African product to the famous South African Michelin Star Chef, Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen, who has endorsed the product and is featuring it in one of his recipes, available on the menu of his restaurant in Nice.

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