OrganiMark Innovation


OrganiMark is a value chain solutions provider that specialises in integration and optimisation models to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated consumer markets, rapid technology development and conscious stakeholders.  We achieve this by creating sustainable business through fair trade and the formation of strategic partnerships based on our core values.

Company Overview

OrganiMark is a privately-owned value chain engineering and trade management company, established in 2008 and based in South Africa, with extended business platforms in Southern Africa (SADC), Europe, USA and the United Kingdom. The company was established to manage the development of new value chains to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated consumer markets, rapid technology development and conscious stakeholders. We achieve this by creating sustainable business through fair trade and the creation of long-term strategic partnerships based on our core values. OrganiMark strives to be the preferred sustainable value chain solutions provider for farming and retail, as well as the favoured consumer trust brand.

OrganiMark has developed and implemented an innovative Retail Business Model that effectively integrates Sustainable Sourcing with Quick Response. This business model offers an innovative solution that enables brands to virtually integrate their value chains through the Integrated Value Chain Programme (IVCP) approach. Through this integration process we create value by giving you the ability to source sustainable raw materials and bring these through to point of sale. We also provide the added value of quick response to fast changing market conditions. This process generates supplementary value by giving our stakeholders sight of the true cost and impact of their business throughout their value chain, enabling them to monetise it.

We also have the proven ability to assist companies with achieving their corporate sustainable development goals, unlocking development opportunities while leaving a legacy.


Consulting and change management services

Industry value chain integration and bespoke technology solutions

Strategic sourcing, trade platforms and logistical support

Finance and risk management solutions

Corporate sustainable development and brand opportunities

Planet, People, Profit


True sustainability means creating a balance between profitability, protecting the environment and being socially responsible. The availability of global instant communication and subsequent reputational risks are driving sustainability as an imperative for brands who wish to leave a legacy.


We strive to sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people through climate smart production, distribution, retail and recycling.


We are committed to social upliftment through job creation, education and training, poverty alleviation and community development.


We are dedicated to the sound economic principles of commercially viable and sustainable business through fair and ethical trade practices.


We strive for a single version of the truth through transparent value chain visibility and forensically hard technology solutions.

The Man Behind OrganiMark

Heinrich Schultz founded OrganiMark in July 2008, with the aim of creating sustainable value chains through long-term strategic partnerships with industry value chain stakeholders, aligned with OrganiMark’s brand integrity and identity to promote economic, social and environmental responsibility.

For many years, retailers and brands have relied on lowest-cost sourcing and distribution strategies to enhance profits and grow sales, but these improvements have begun to show diminishing marginal returns and high sustainability risks. Having joined the Textile Exchange in 2007, Heinrich witnessed the frustration of many brands and retailers to scale sustainable sourcing initiatives into the core of their commercial business operations, while their sourcing and merchant functions battled to come to terms with the business process changes required to do so.

This brought the realisation that the next big frontier would be to develop and implement a retail business model that effectively combines Sustainable Sourcing and Quick Response with Value Chain Optimisation – which has been the main inspiration for Heinrich’s work over the past 10 years. During this time, he worked with various international and national brands and their value chains to develop a model that offers an innovative solution to enable brands to virtually integrate their value chains, which has culminated in OrganiMark’s Integrated Value Chain Programme (IVCP) model.

Heinrich Schultz – Founder & Managing Director of OrganiMark

As the founder and managing director of OrganiMark, Heinrich is a natural organisation and network builder with an action-orientated style of leadership. Over the past 20 years Heinrich has qualified himself as value chain engineering specialist within the global marketplace, having worked with public and private sector stakeholders in Africa, South and East Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. Heinrich is also the Chairman of Textile Exchange Europe and serves on the board of directors of the Global Textile Exchange. He was one of the founders of the Southern African Sustainable Textile and Apparel Cluster, established in 2013 to turn around the South African cotton industry and served as executive manager of the Sustainable Cotton Cluster for the period between April 2014 and March 2018.

Heinrich has a Business Degree from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and completed his training in Leather Processing with LIRI at Rhodes University (South Africa) and Textile & Garment Manufacturing with CSIR TexTech at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa).

Highlights from Heinrich’s long-standing career:

  • The compilation of the SADC Textile Markets Report – a biannual report on the Textile and Clothing Industries in all 14 SADC countries (MPCS 1997 to 2003).
  • Benchmarking the business performance of South African Textile Mills against similar companies in Australia, Asia, Europe and the SADC (MPCS 1997 to 2003).
  • The development, promotion and facilitation of an International Trade and Investment Strategy for the South African Wool Industry (TISA / Wool & Mohair Cluster) in Europe (MPCS 1997 to 2003).
  • The development, promotion and facilitation of an International Trade and Investment Strategy for the South African Textile Industry (IDC & TISA) in India, Thailand and China (MPCS 1997 to 2003).
  • Leading the development of the South African Cotton Sector Strategy, representing the South African Government at the International Cotton Advisory Council (ICAC) Plenary Meetings and initiating the establishment of the African Cotton Producers Association (SACPO 2003 to 2004).
  • The development of the Pick ‘n Pay Organic Product Range (Food, Cosmetics, FMCG and Apparel) and the management of all value chains for this category (OFP 2006 – OrganiMark 2009).
  • The development of the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU) Strategic Framework for Organic Production (14 Member Countries in Southern Africa – 2012).
  • SADC Country Studies – Cotton growing and ginning sector profile of Mozambique and Swaziland (USAID Southern African Trade Hub)
  • Presenting a paper on “Supply Chain Engineering in the Eco Market” at the 2012 Origin Africa Conference in Ethiopia (ACTIF).
  • Presenting papers on Sustainable Value Chain Clustering at the ROCRT conference in Turkey and ICAC conference in Taiwan (2017).
  • Leading the development of the South African Organic Standard through chairing the Technical Committee at the South African Bureau of Standards (2013 to 2018).