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Sustainable Development

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Virtual Integration, Real Value

OrganiMark is a value chain solutions provider that specialises in integration and optimisation models to meet the demands of rapid technology development and increasingly sophisticated and conscious consumer markets.  We achieve this by creating sustainable business through fair trade and the formation of strategic partnerships based on our core values.

We have developed an innovative and proven business model that effectively integrates value chains and creates value by giving our client line of sight and control over strategic raw materials from primary production to point-of-sale or product end-of-life.

Our model is based on providing brands and retailers with a quick response capability to meet customer expectations in a fast-changing market environment and giving your stakeholders sight of the true cost and impact of your business throughout your value chain, enabling you to monetise it.

We also have the proven ability to assist you with achieving your corporate sustainable development goals in a way that unlocks development opportunities while leaving a legacy.

Our Value Proposition

Our team of experienced specialists offer you the value of developing and implementing an agile business model to virtually integrate your value chain through the Integrated Value Chain Programme (IVCP). The ultimate worth we create through this integration process is the ability to combine quick response, value chain optimisation and sustainable sourcing.

Going ‘beyond third party certification’ our model supports continuous improvement through measuring and reporting economic, environmental and social impact, ensuring that transparency and integrity become marketable qualities for your brand.

The disruptive nature of our interventions requires transformational change and OrganiMark supports the brand and its value chain stakeholders with managing this change process.

From the pen of our MD

“Over the years I’ve witnessed the frustration of many brands to scale sustainable sourcing initiatives into the core of their commercial business operations.”

“This has made me realise that the next big frontier will be to develop and implement a retail business model that effectively combines Sustainable Sourcing with Quick Response – which has been the main inspiration for my work over the past 10 years. During this time, I’ve worked with various national and international brands and their value chains to develop a model that offers an innovative solution to enable brands to virtually integrate their value chains, called the Integrated Value Chain Programme (IVCP) model. This model further supports the development of industry value chain clusters, which provides an opportunity to other stakeholders such as government, NGOs, financial institutions and more to achieve common sustainable development goals – also cutting across industries such as mining, commercial services, etc.”

$20 Million

In sustainable trade per annum

$10 Million

Capital under management

30 Years

Experience in value chain optimisation

25 000

Farmers linked to markets

Filling the Gap


Cutting beyond boundaries and across borders, OrganiMark works to fill industry gaps by creating enabling environments that connect the producer to the brand. We employ a unique approach that sees virtual integration deliver real value for people and the environment, while improving sustainability for all stakeholders in the value chain. Our disruptive and innovative business model is demand-driven and based on a long-term strategy rather than a transactional short-term and price point approach.

By providing support with change management, we’re establishing a new way of doing business that ensures your brand remains relevant and resilient amidst technological advancement and market changes. Our model also safeguards the integrity of your brand through value chain transparency and gathering data to determine the true cost that may impact on your brand’s reputation.

Our engagement process will take you through a proven development model, consisting of 5 milestone phases with clear deliverables and decision gates:

  • Concept Development: Exploratory consultation and need analysis to define the solution – sign-off on the definition of victory.
  • Solution Mapping: Map bespoke solution scope, methodology and resource requirements – sign-off on proposed solution project.
  • Implementation and Management: Implement and manage milestones and KPIs.
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Measure performance and report on impact.
  • Gear to Scale.

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